"The One Mistake All Jehovah's Witnesses Have Made"
Captives of a Concept

by Don Cameron

Raymond Franz made this mistake for almost 60 years. It took Peter Gregerson some 50 years to stop making it. For Ed Dunlap it was closer to 70 years. But they are not the only ones who made this mistake.

Carl Olof Jonsson, James Penton, David Reed, Ron Frye, Duane Magnani, Leonard Chretien and even Dr. Jerry Bergman made it. Randy Watters, Paul Blizard, Timothy Campbell, Gary Busselman and Diane Wilson made it. Jon Mitchell, Tom Cabeen, Buddy Carlton, Dan Dykstra, Ros Hughes, Debbie Shard, Betty Stone, Joe Whedbee, Jr, Marilyn Zweifel, and R.C.Higuera all made the exact same mistake. Bill and Joan Cetnar also made it. I made it.

Mickey Spillane ('Mike Hammer'), Michael Jackson and his family, Teresa Graves (Laugh In), Venus and Serena Williams, Prince and many other famous people made it. President Dwight David Eisenhower's mother made it. Every former Jehovah's Witness who has ever lived made the identical same mistake.

There are about six million Jehovah's Witnesses today who are still making this mistake. And there are some six million of their "Bible Studies" who are in the process of making it. Everyone who becomes a Jehovah's Witnesses in the future will make this mistake.

Captives of a Concept identifies this mistake and what causes it. And it explains how to avoid making it (which is easy) and how to correct it once it has already been made (which is not so easy).

In order for Jehovah's Witnesses to escape the concept holding them captive they will need to correct this mistake. The book offers some suggestions on how to go about helping them correct it.

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