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Captives of a Concept

by Don Cameron

I read your book whenever I can. Sometimes I wake up at 2, 3 or 4 am., creep downstairs, and read it for awhile trying to internalize it. I feel that your book is about as close to finding that 'silver bullet' as possible. (BC)

"I downloaded a copy of this book (which btw is the best $5 I have ever spent) and finished reading it last night.  Although I knew much of the info already, it is presented in a way that pinpoints the real issues.  To me, the 607 issue up has been most important, as it destroys the claim of being selected as the FDS, but this book destroys that claim from a different angle.   This book is right up there with "Crisis of Conscience" (Raymond Franz) as far as I'm concerned. The original thread got buried and I think this book really needs to be publicized."  (Posted on JWD Forum)

"I wished I had known the information presented in your book earlier in my life.  For those who have left the organization and have faced the feeling of wanting to beat your head against the wall in frustration after trying to reason with loyal JW's, you nail the reason why that's not possible right on the head.  They are truly captives." (Anonymous)

"So far, I absolutely love it!  It truly is everything I hoped it would be (though I'm not that far into it...).  From your introductory examples of other "captives" (Branch Davidians, etc) going forward, it's a great read". [B.M.]

"I downloaded it last night, printed it out and sat down to read it last night.  I am only a third of the way through, but I highly recommend it.  As far as I'm concerned it's a must read." (From "Jehovah’s Witness  Discussion  Forum")

"Your analysis is right on!  Most of the subject matter is familiar to me, but the way you break things down to expose the heart of the issues is excellent." [M. Y]

"Captives of a Concept  is a valuable piece of  work. The format is easy to read and deals with the question of why Jehovah's Witnesses remain loyal to the Watchtower Society in the face of volumes of disconfirmations. It shows how the  huge mistakes made by the Society over the years are not important to a Witness who embraces the concept.

I wish I had something like his when I started to question the Society. I think Don has done a great job in putting it together in a straight line." Gary Busselman:
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Don Cameron writes in a very authoritative style, with references listed for all important assertions. As such, Captives of a Concept is quite a scholarly work. Cameron begins to unravel the Watchtower Society by showing that their own interpretation of Matthew 24:45-47 (which is supposed to authorize the Watchtower Society as God's organization) does not correspond with the organization's history... Review by Rich Deem

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