"No False Teachings or Prophecies - Why Not?"
Captives of a Concept
by Don Cameron

According to the Watchtower's official teaching, Jesus Christ acknowledged the Society as his "faithful and discreet slave" organization and therefore appointed those associated with it "over all his earthly interests" in the spring of 1919 (In fulfillment of Matthew 24:45-47) because they were the only religion he found that had been providing "proper and timely spiritual food" during his absence. - See paragraph 4 on page 161 of "Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life."

The Governing Body realizes that Jesus would never have appointed the Society over anything if the spiritual food they had been providing "down till 1919" contained any false  teachings or prophecies.  And so they have had to eliminate every trace of the organization's teachings and prophecies that were ever false.

But how have they been able to convince anyone (including themselves) that the Society has never had one single false teaching or  false prophecy when they have had so many of both?

Captives of a Concept tries to explain how they have been able to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat.

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