Captives of a Concept
Anatomy of an Illusion
(2011 Edition)

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The book has been translated into the German language by Herbert  Raab.   He is the same person who translated Raymond Franz's "In Search of Christian Freedom" into German..  He made the following comments about Captives of a Concept....

"Captives of a Concept" is in my opinion a very fine book since it speaks in a matter-of-fact tone about the Watchtower teachings. I don't really like those writings of ex-Witnesses that are full of spite and hate. Surely most Witnesses seek to serve Jehovah sincerely but are mislead by some (or should I say, many) erroneous teachings. So they are often victims themselves. As to the Watchtower leaders, it is as Ray Franz wrote in his "In Search of Christian Freedom" book: We are not to judge them; for only Jehovah and Christ Jesus know how much guilt they have heaped on themselves.

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